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On-Site Visits

        Detailed site surveys are an important backbone to the planning and design stage of an installation. Accounting for all variables will help make sure the correct products and design approaches are implemented into a space. This also leads to a very organized and efficient execution of the actual installation or service. Laser measurements, photos, and detailed reports will be produced from this service.



         We will utilize the information from the site survey to create a design that meets the needs of your venue. Acoustical predictions, 2D and 3D layouts for audio, lighting, and video will ensure you know what you're getting before any work is done. Ensuring that the installation and product selection is exactly what is needed the first time.



        Consulting services include but are not limited to Design, Site Surveys, Documentation, product demonstrations, and CAD drawings. Understanding your business and its profit centers help create a successful installation. Working with your architect, millworker, interior designer, electrical contractor and other trades are all important parts of this process to create a unified project team to make the client's vision become reality.


System Integration

        Execution of an installation is a critical part of the process. Proper project management and use of efficient techniques are needed complete the project on time and make the design and vision a reality. AIS has developed standards and processes that not only result in amazing installations but ensure long-term durability.



        Our strong manufacturer relationships help AIS provide excellent service, custom, and cost-effective solutions. Many production companies rely on AIS for a source of gear and advice. Being a direct distributor and dealer of all major audio video and lighting brands makes it unique in that we not only provide superior design and integration but also sell product direct to end users.



        Continued maintenance is your safeguard against system failures that can result in loss of income. Seasonal and continued system maintenance is an imperative part of having a successful establishment. AIS specializes in remote maintenance with local support. Servicing venues around the world successfully are part of AIS’s proprietary methods.

AIS is a full service provider, we can do full consultation or work with your consultant. With AIS there is no need to look elsewhere from concept to maintenance. However our services are available independently.